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New Product Introduction (NPI)

Presenting the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to the market is essential for the success of many emerging companies, which is why quick turn, high quality and flexibility are important traits to benefit from the QoSTronics NPI solution.

The QoSTronics NPI approach has been essential for many companies in the product development stage and has produced results time and time again. QoSTronics understands the struggles of evolving a device from the prototype stage into a complete ready for market product.

More often than not the product design team focuses on meeting the functional requirements of the device rather than making the device robust and ready for production which in turn results in costly re-spins and delays down the manufacturing path. Using the QoSTronics NPI methodology QoSTronics will turn that prototype in to the robust product needed for mass production.  

• Start with low cost ownership for product introduction and transition to low cost high volume production
• Reliable logistics and production line to achieve the integrity and consistency for mass production  
• Reach the target cost in scalability and high volume production
• Achieve the target timeline to market 
• Engineering support for scalability 
• Flexibility for design modifications 
• Tooling made for scalability 
• Quick turnaround time
• Design Validation

Complex assembled circuit boards
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