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Rework Services

At QoSTronics, we have trained experts who understand the complexities when it comes to reworking boards. Our engineers follow a strict, high quality standard to keep our customers satisfied and happy with our work.


With our top of the line equipment we can perform commonly requested services such as:

  • BGA Reball

  • BGA Removal/Replacement

  • IC Removal/Replacement​

We are also capable of doing more technical, specialized types of rework as well. Contact us to find out further information on what our capabilities are.

Specialized Machinery:

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine

• Component values
• Alignment inspection
• Solder bridge inspection
• Component location and orientation
• Solder fillets of individual terminals/leads

X-Scope 1800 X-Ray Machine
 • Visual verification against voids
 • Visual verification against shorts
 • Visual verification against insufficient fill

Our engineer reworking a PCB board
X-Ray machine that can provide verification against failures

Every board that we perform rework on goes through inspection by our X-Scope 1800 to ensure that our quality standard is met.

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