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PCB Assembly & Box Builds

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

QoSTronics specializes in quick-turn services for complex and advanced PCB assemblies; Including Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole services ranging from prototypes to high volumes. QoSTronics will be sure to achieve the fastest time-to-market success from their facility in San Jose CA.

• Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

• Pin Through Hole (PTH)
• Lead & Lead-Free (RoHS) Processes 
• Wave/Selective Wave Soldering
• Water-Soluble Processes
• Rework and Repairs
• Press Fit Solutions
• Consignment & Turnkey

• Quick Turn

Printed Circuit Boards produced on a mass scale
Mass manufactured, enclosed vibrating devices

Box Builds

At QoSTronics, we are able to manufacture electronic systems and process them into the final product depending on what our customers' requests. Ranging from simple enclosures to more advanced builds, our engineers are fully equipped and trained to be able to support even the most complex box builds.

• Software Integration and Test 
• Cable and Harness Assembly
• Full System Assembly
• Engineering Support
• Backplane Assembly
• Sub-Assembly
• Enclosures

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